200hr Registered Yoga Teacher

I first found yoga in 2009, completed my first home practice in 2011, and finally made my way into a power vinyasa studio in 2012.  Clearly, it took me some time to commit to an actual practice, but once that relationship formed, there was no walking away from it.  I found a strong and caring community in yoga, filled with wonderful friends and mentors.  Sharon Skittle, Darcy Lyle (SHPY), and Stacey Vespaziani (SHPY) are just some of those people that helped my practice evolve to its next level.  In 2014, I completed my 200-hour teacher training with South Hills Power Yoga.  Through this experience, I found new friends to share my practice with and new adventures to take it on, whether that’s teaching at the local library, in the studio, or on a standup paddleboard down at the Point (thanks to Sandy, owner of Northeast Paddleboard).

As a recent Masters in Education graduate from Pitt and teacher in a local school district, I look forward to seeing what all of these experiences lead to.  Pittsburgh has certainly been good to me and I’m excited to share my practice with those new and not-so-new in the yoga community.

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