200hr Registered Yoga Teacher

Until 2014, I stayed clear of most physical activity. It was in this year, as I was finishing my bachelor’s degree at Slippery Rock University, that I found slacklining (walking on 1 inch webbing between trees and other various things). Slacklining helped opened an entirely new world of meditation and mindful movement. Through it, I began to practice acroyoga, and later, yoga itself! Since then, my yoga practice has changed my life drastically, allowing me to grow in ways I never imaged.  It taught me to share love and compassion with myself and practice a quietness of mind that brings levity and joy to my everyday life.

My passion has always been for teaching and helping others grow, so it was obvious that I wanted to teach and share these practices as much as possible! Each time I teach, I am humbled and grateful to share and learn from my students. I’m having the best of time when working with others to create growth, playfulness, and balance.

Cassie completeled her slackline yoga teacher training with the YogaSlackers in 2015 and her 200hr Vinyasa training at South Hills Power Yoga in 2016. She has also completed 225 hours of training in the Alexander Technique and hopes to continue this teacher training soon!