Registered Yoga Teacher


For me, yoga takes on many forms. It can be heart pumping, soul healing, deeply soothing and intensely challenging at all once. It pulls me in and teaches me things when I least expect and when I think there is nothing left to learn from it.

When I turned 25, yoga led me to be more aware of my body and and through this awareness, to a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, which despite its challenges, has changed my lifestyle and overall health for the better. I’ve customized my practice to fit my body’s strengths and weaknesses and I am constantly inspired by how many of us overcome our struggles, both physical and emotional, on our mats.

This has undoubtedly influenced my teaching, which is very much the opposite of arthritic. I teach upbeat flows with less emphasis on perfecting movements and much more on allowing the practice to flood our bodies and take on its own shape. I want the practice to feel methodical and rhythmic, with vulnerability and honesty, so we can find those qualities both with others and with ourselves.

I have taught at Solstice in Times Square, led #AerieREAL classes around the country, and assisted international teacher trainings and retreats. But no matter where yoga takes me, my favorite place to teach is in Pittsburgh surrounded by my community of students, who make me profoundly grateful for this practice and the friendships it fosters.