Yin Yoga Teacher

I started my yoga out of necessity. You see, my life was a mess and I developed uncontrollable anxiety, and a sense of deep self-doubt. High levels of stress and using alcohol and other substances to hide and bury my fears and feelings in my life was my normal. This all culminated into a panic attack that I was sure I was dying from. I needed to change; reassess what my priorities were in my life and I realized, fortunately, that it was up to me and my responsibility to create the life I wanted.

As I’m writing this I’m realizing there has been a lot between then and now and I could probably write a book but long story short; I was lucky enough to have had a significant experience in a yoga room where the idea of universal unconditional love became real and I felt it vibrate for a moment and I knew that this was my path. Since then I’ve traveled to Sacramento, California and received my 200 hr yoga teaching certificate with Diana Vitantonio. I’ve continued to work on my own introspective growth and only hope to hold enough space for others to find their own answers and become stronger and more flexible in the process.


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